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Ready To Switch Program - Come Bank With Us

We understand that you don't make decisions about where to keep your money lightly.  Neither do we.  We are here to assist you every step of the way for a smooth transition to Reliance State Bank.  The following checklist and forms can help simplify the process.


Ready to Switch Checklist (Adobe Acrobat)

Direct Deposits

With today's busy lifestyles, direct deposit can save you time and allow easy access to your money. Whether it's your paycheck or other income such as retirement or social security, this form allows you to transfer your existing direct deposit or establish a new one.

Direct Deposit Switch Form (Adobe Acrobat)

Automatic Bill Payments

Automatic Bill Payments are a simple, convenient alternative to writing checks. Payments will be automatically deducted from your Reliance State Bank checking account. We have many auto-payment forms available.

Close Your Old Account

Once you have confirmed that your direct deposits have been credited and/or automatic payments have been deducted from your new Reliance State Bank account, you are now ready to close your account.

Closing Form (Adobe Acrobat)

Other Account Relationships

You have already taken the first step to transfer your banking relationship.  We are happy to assist you with the transitioning of other accounts to Reliance State Bank. We can help you consolidate your accounts - from investments to retirement to savings - to make managing your finances more convenient.

For more information or to begin the process, please call 515-733-4396 in Story City or 641-923-2801 in Garner or email info@RSBiowa.com.

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