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Mobile Wallet And P2P

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Mobile Wallet

A mobile wallet is a digital means of keeping your payment information ready for use on your smartphone. When you add your Reliance State Bank debit card to your mobile wallet, you can make payments anywhere!  Both Apple Pay and Google Pay are accepted.

Apple Pay logo and Google Pay logo


  • Make purchases at any store or online that accepts Apple Pay or Google Pay.
  • Use biometrics, such as Touch ID, to confirm payments.
  • Transfer money directly to your friends and family.
  • Make secure payments that use encryption to protect your information.
    • Read more about Apple Pay here.
    • Read more about Google Pay here.


  • Download the Mobile Wallet app from the app store on your device or it may already be built into your phone.
  • Add your Reliance State Bank Debit Card information into the wallet by following the steps provided in the app.
  • Activate your device by confirming registration. You may receive a text from Fiserv, our debit card processor, to confirm your activation.
  • Once activated, you will have access to pay at participating merchants, in apps or online through your mobile device! 
  • Watch a quick video tutorial about Apple Pay here.
  • Watch a quick video tutorial about Google Pay here.  


Person-to-person payment (P2P) is an online technology that allows customers to transfer funds from their bank account or credit/debit card to another individual's account, via the internet, mobile phone or tablet.

Your Reliance State Bank account or debit card can be added as the source of payment for many P2P services including Venmo, Facebook Messenger, Pay Pal and Square Cash. View step-by-step instructions to set up and link your Reliance State Bank account to your services of choice.

FACEBOOK MESSENGERfacebook messenger

  • Open your Facebook App.
  • Tap the Menu icon in the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap Settings, then tap Payment Settings.
  • Tap New Credit or Debit Card, then enter your card number, expiration date, and 3-digit verification code. Tap Save.
  • To add a PIN, follow steps 1-3 again, then tap PIN.
  • Enter your 4-digit PIN, then re-type your PIN to verify and enable it.

VENMOvenmo logo

  • Open your Venmo App.
  • Tap the Menu icon in the upper left hand corner of the app.
  • Tap Settings, then Payment Methods.
  • Tap Add a Bank or card, then Bank.
  • Select Manual Verification.
  • Enter 073920926 for bank routing number and your account number.
  • In 1 to 3 business days, Venmo will send microtransfers to your bank account to verify ownership (these will be less than $1 each). When Venmo issues these mictrotransfers to your account, they will also issue two small withdrawals to offset those. To avoid any overdraft or other bank fees make sure you have at least $2 in your bank account.
  • After you have seen the microtransfers process through your account, return to the Venmo app to verify the deposits. Tap on payment methods. Choose your Reliance State Bank account and verify the two small deposits.

PAY PALpay pal logo

  • Open your Pay Pal App.
  • On your mobile device tap Menu (icon looks like a gear), then Wallet.
  • Click Banks & Cards, click the + sign in the top right.
  • Click Bank Account.
  • Select type of account: Checking or Savings.
  • Enter 073920926 for bank routing number and your account number, then click Agree and Link this Bank.
  • Verify that your routing and account number are correct and click Continue.
  • In 2 to 3 business days, review your bank statement to find 2 small deposits (each between $0.01 and $0.99 USD) that were sent to your bank account. There will be a third entry on your statement combining these two amounts as a withdrawal. For example, you may see two deposits of $.05 and $.15 and a withdrawal of $.20. Enter the 2 small amounts, in this example this would be $.05 and $.15, on the confirm bank screen.

SQUARE CASHsquare cash logo

  • Open your Cash App.
  • Tap the dollar amount at the top of the screen.
  • Tap Cash Out.
  • Tap Standard (1-3 Business Days). Scroll to the bottom and tap Other.
  • Enter 073920926 for bank routing number and your account number, then tap Next.

Reliance State Bank does not currently offer Zelle.  
Please review the Mobile Wallet apps such as Apple Pay and Google Pay and the other P2P options listed above.

While you can link your Reliance State Bank accounts to any of these convenient payment options, we are not associated with nor do we endorse a specific vendor. If you have any app specific questions, please contact the payment vendor directly.

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