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Common Scams

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If something seems suspicious, unusually urgent, secretive, or too good to be true, talk to one of our team-members or a trusted financial advisor to protect yourself from fraud. A few examples of common scams are included below. Talk to us if you...

  • received a request for money and were instructed not to tell the bank what it is for
  • received a check, wire, or direct deposit you were not expecting
  • received a prize for a contest you did not enter
  • received a deposit in your account and were told you could keep a portion if you returned some of the money via wire or gift cards
  • received a photo of a check via email for deposit (photos of checks are not valid; the paper copy is necessary)
  • were contacted and told a loved one has been in accident, arrested, or is in the hospital, and they don't want you to tell their parents
  • were told you have been accused of a crime that you did not commit and are facing a potential jail sentence
  • were contacted regarding an online relationship and were asked for money
  • were asked for money to assist a college student, single mother, or other individual struggling with daily expenses
  • were offered far more than your asking price for an item you were selling online, and then
    were asked to send the difference back to the buyer
  • were contacted by an individual offering to deposit checks for you in exchange for your online banking information (username, password, etc.)

If any of these situations apply to you, please contact a member of our team or a financial advisor you trust.

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