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Savings, CDs & Money Markets

Savings Accounts - Start saving today for a better tomorrow. This traditional account is perfect for your savings and emergency needs.  Learn more about our Personal Savings Accounts and apply online.

Money Market Accounts -  A money market account provides you with both liquidity and excellent opportunities to earn interest as you build your nest egg.  Learn more and apply for a money market account today.

Health Savings Accounts - If you have medical expenses that you pay for out of pocket, consider a Health Savings Account.  With a Health Savings Account, you can save for future medical expenses in conjunction with a High-Deductible Health Plan. Sometimes the unexpected can happen.  Be prepared and learn more about this tax-exempt account and see if it is right for you.

CDs - CDs offer a guaranteed return on a larger sum of money.  Add Certificates of Deposit to your investment plan.

IRAs - We have many options available when helping you plan for your retirement. Learn about and apply for an Individual Retirement Account.

Kids Accounts - Teach your children the benefit of saving early and saving often. Learn more and open a savings account for your child today.  This link also includes fun education games and calculators for your children's enjoyment and education.

Rates - Check our current interest rates for savings, money market and CDs.

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