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Make your move!

Thanks for your interest in Reliance State Bank! We're here to help make your transition as smooth as possible. There's 3 basic steps to making the switch:

  1. Open a new checking account

  2. Switch your automatics

    • Change any direct deposits to your new checking account (paychecks, retirement payments, Social Security payments, etc.). Form is available here.
    • Change any automatic withdrawals to your new checking account (credit card payments, loan payments, subscriptions, insurance, utilities, etc.)
  3. Close your old account(s)

    • Wait for any outstanding checks or automatic withdrawals to clear; then, write a check to yourself for the amount remaining and deposit it into your new account. Notify your institution that you are closing the account. Form is available here.
    •  When you receive your final statement from your closed account, destroy any remaining blank checks or debit cards. We are happy to shred them at the bank if needed.

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