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Image of damage from a natural disaster

Posted on Wednesday, February 15, 2023 in Privacy & Security

Scam of the Week: Earthquake Scams

Last week, two earthquakes occurred in Turkey and Syria. Unfortunately, cybercriminals often use crises to get your attention and manipulate your emotions. Cybercriminals have already begun exploiting this event to try to scam you and steal your sensitive information. 

In the coming weeks, we expect to see an influx of phishing attacks referencing this recent event. Cybercriminals may send phishing emails with links asking you to donate money or view “exclusive” videos relating to this news. Clicking these links could allow cybercriminals to steal your sensitive information or install malware on your device. 

Follow the tips below to stay safe from these types of scams:

  • Avoid making donations to unknown users. If you would like to donate to support a cause, donate directly through a trusted organization's website.

  • Think before you click. Cyberattacks are designed to catch you off guard and trigger you to click impulsively. 

  • Stay informed by following trusted news sources. If you see a sensational headline, research the news story to verify that it’s legitimate.

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