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Safe Deposit Boxes

Safe Deposit Boxes

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Reliance State Bank has safe deposit boxes available in several different sizes to help you protect your valuable possessions and documents from loss, theft, or accidental destruction.

  • Save your important documents and financial information like passports, deeds, birth and marriage certificates, Social Security records, abstracts, and wills.
  • Protect jewelry, medals, heirlooms, and coins.

Our box sizes vary at each office location. Contact us for availability.

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*Safe Deposit Box contents are not insured by Reliance State Bank or the FDIC.  See Reliance State Bank Fee Schedule for additional information regarding a lost key or box drilling.

Single Width Box (5" Wide) Annual Fee
3" High $18.00
5" High $35.00
Double Width Box (10" Wide) Annual Fee
3" High $36.00
5" High $48.00
10"High $72.00

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