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Mobile Wallet & P2P

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Phone showing Reliance State Bank debit card in mobile wallet

Mobile Wallet

You can make purchases in-store or online from your smartphone by adding Reliance State Bank debit cards to your mobile wallet. Apple PayGoogle Pay, and Samsung Pay are all accepted.


  • Easily pay in-store or online
  • Use biometrics, such as Touch ID or facial recognition, to confirm payments.
  • Payments are encrypted to protect your information.

Getting Started

  • Download the Mobile Wallet app if it is not already built into your phone.
  • Add your Reliance State Bank Debit Card information into the wallet by following the steps provided in the app.
  • You may receive a text from Fiserv, our debit card processor, to confirm your activation.

Video Tutorials:

 Apple Pay | Google Pay | Samsung Pay

Phone displaying successful payment page

Person-to-Person Payment Services

Person-to-person (P2P) payment systems are a convenient way to send money electronically. They can be used to send money to a family member or split a bill with a friend. Your Reliance State Bank debit card or bank account can be added to many P2P services including Venmo,  Cash App, Google Pay, and PayPal.

P2P services may have fees

Generally speaking, you can make P2P payments from a linked bank account or straight from the P2P account for free. However, some providers charge fees (2% or more) to process payments drawn from a credit or debit card.

Time to Transfer

The time it takes funds to transfer will range depending on the provider; it could range anywhere from a few seconds to three business days. Many platforms keep the money stored in the app until you manually release it into your personal banking account. Some providers also offer instant transfers for a fee.

Fraud Tips

  • Never send money to someone you've never met in person.
  • Confirm the username and phone number of the person you are sending money to.
  • Always opt-in for multi-factor authentication, like a PIN or facial recognition. 
  • Make sure your P2P app is up to date and turn on auto-updates to prevent hackers from exploiting security vulnerabilities. 
  • Set up transactions alerts so you are notified immediately anytime your account is used. 
  • Be wary of sending large amounts. 
  • Do not let a stranger use your phone. 
  • If you believe you have been scammed or fallen victim to fraud, report it to local law enforcement.

While you can link your Reliance State Bank accounts to any of these convenient payment options, we are not associated with nor do we endorse a specific vendor. If you have any app specific questions, please contact the payment vendor directly.

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