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Medallion Signature Guarantee, image of a man's hands with a pen signing papers

Medallion Signature Guarantee

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Reliance State Bank is not a licensed guarantor.  We can help provide the service of medallion signature guarantee to our customers for the purpose of security transfers through our affiliate, First National Bank of Ames, Iowa. The maximum transaction dollar limit for signature guarantee service is $250,000 per transaction. There is a $40 fee for each guarantee; this fee is necessary due to the complex nature of the paperwork and liability involved in the transaction.  

Medallion Signature Guarantee Requirements:

  • Must be a Reliance State Bank customer with a significant deposit or loan relationship
  • Photo identification of authorized signer(s) – driver’s license or passport
  • Proof of Transaction Value & Proof of Ownership – most current statement (mutual fund/broker statement showing # of shares, stock certificate)
  • $40 fee for each guarantee

Documents must be signed in the presence of bank personnel with all owners present. Additional documentation may be requested depending upon the nature of the transaction including certified power of attorney, death certificate, or probate letters of appointment.

Documentation will be copied or original supporting documentation retained depending on the nature of the transfer. First National Bank as the licensed guarantor is required to maintain a file for all guarantees performed.

Medallion Signature Guarantee Service is available by appointment only. Please call 515-733-4396 in Story City or 641-923-2801 in Garner to schedule your appointment.

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