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Scam of the Week: "Is this a video of you?" Nope, That's a Phish

Posted on Friday, January 1, 2021 in Privacy & Security

It's no secret that cybercriminals love social media. Bad guys use platforms like Facebook and Instagram to impersonate your real friends and followers. Using this disguise, the scammers Credit cards with a lock on top of themtry to trick you into sharing sensitive information.

Here's a common scam that is regaining popularity: You receive a message from a friend or follower asking "Is this a video of you?" The message includes a screenshot of a blacked-out blurry video. If you click to watch the video, you will be taken to a social media look-a-like login page that is designed to steal your account credentials. If you enter your credentials here, the information will be sent directly to the bad guys and they'll be able to use your social media account to scam anyone on your friends list.

Keep you and your friends safe by following these tips:

  • The simple message used in this scam sparks feelings of curiosity, concern, and urgency. Don't let the bad guys toy with your emotions. Think before you click!
  • Be cautious of messages that are off-topic, unusual, or outlandish. Especially if the message includes a link.
  • Keep your social media accounts private and only accept friend or follow requests from people that you know and trust.

Stop, Look, and Think. Don't be fooled.
The KnowBe4 Security Team

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