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Posted on Friday, April 17, 2020 in Banking Information

For questions and answers concerning the Economic Impact Payments (Stimulus Payments), the IRS has set up a website that answers questions you may have concerning eligibility and status of your payment.  The website will continue to be updated as needed.  The website address is

If you believe that your stimulus payment will not be deposited into the correct account or a closed account, go into the above IRS website and update the bank account number you would like it to be deposited into.  It is important for the IRS to have the correct bank account number.  If a customer goes into the IRS website and inputs their account number, they will get their payments 1-8 days later. 

If someone goes into the IRS portal to enter their bank account number and they are unable to, it may be that their payment has already been sent.  You cannot enter an account number if the payment has already been sent. 

If a payment is returned for account closed, an individual cannot go into the IRS website and change the account number (for fraud purposes) to receive a new ACH.  They will get a paper check. 

If someone is not able to get the answer they are looking for from the website or getting an "unable to confirm eligibility", they may be able to find their answer by going through the FAQ's on the website.

If you receive a paper check and are questioning if it is a legitimate check, please bring it to our drive-up and we can verify it for you.

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