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Biometric Login

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Our biometric login options allow you to login to our mobile app using facial recognition or a scan of your fingerprint. Say goodbye to remembering a password.


Easy setup. Our app works with Apple Touch ID® or Face ID®, or with Android Fingerprint Login®
Secure. No two fingerprints are alike, so only persons with registered fingerprints on your device will have access to your account. You should only enable fingerprint login if you are the only person with registered fingerprints.
Convenience. By using fingerprint or facial recognition, you don't need to remember any passwords. Just allow the app to scan your fingerprint or face, and it logs you in automatically.

Get Started:

3 Easy Steps

  1. Login to the app and click the "More" tab.
  2. Tap the settings gear the top right corner.
  3. An option for Face ID, Touch ID, or Fingerprint ID will appear depending on your device. Tap to activate.

Don't have the app yet?

Click below to download or visit the app store and search for “Reliance State Bank.”

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*There is no fee for the Mobile App from Reliance State Bank, but standard rates and fees may apply from your wireless carrier. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Android is a trademark of Google Inc.

Android™, Google Play™ and the Google Play™ logo are trademarks of Google Inc.
Apple®, the Apple® logo, iPhone® and iPad® are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Touch ID® and Face ID® are trademarks of Apple Inc. App Store® is a service mark of Apple Inc.

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